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Say, "YES!" to LUCA

Say, "Yes," to your community's participation in the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA). LUCA is the first stage of preparation for the 2020 Census and this preparation begins now!

The LUCA is the only opportunity localities have to ensure New York has a complete count in the Census. A complete count of all New Yorkers determines:

  • our representation to Congress,
  • the distribution of federal dollars to our state and communities, and
  • the quality of data we have available for decisions about business plans, services and more.

Help us ensure everyone is counted in the correct location so we can improve New York's representation and funding. In a matter of months our opportunity to impact the Census will be gone. Get started today

Project Overview

The Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) involves updating household addresses so a complete count of households is known and can be surveyed.  

The Council on Children and Families would like to assist communities that are participating in the LUCA by connecting those communities with students from universities and colleges across the state who are in the fields of demography, geography, social sciences, computer sciences, public administration and public health.  The skills they've gained can be especially beneficial to communities involved with the LUCA.


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