Commissioners’ Committee on Cross-Systems Services for Children and Youth

The Commissioners' Committee on Cross-Systems Services for Children and Youth is comprised of health, education and human services agencies, and family and youth partners. The Committee focuses on achieving better outcomes for children, youth and families by improving access to services and supports; ensuring quality coordinated services and supports from a qualified workforce; and collaborating to eliminate service barriers between systems.

The Council on Children and Families provides leadership, coordination, staff support, and facilitates cross-systems communication. The priorities of the Committee are set forth in a jointly adopted Commissioners' message.

The Commissioners' Committee on Cross-Systems Services for Children and Youth are committed to:

  1. Engage families and youth directly, listen to their concerns and proposals, and involve them in the design of individualized services and supports across agencies.
  2. Work together in a new way: more cooperatively, transparently, effectively and efficiently.
  3. Increase the focus on effective prevention and comprehensive early childhood services, while also focusing better on children with intensive needs requiring services and supports from multiple systems.
  4. Explore new models for quality and continuity of care, including service coordination and dispute resolution.
  5. Support the individual goals of other agencies relative to cross-systems children and youth.

The Commissioners' Senior Staff and Family and Youth Partners Workgroup meet monthly to facilitate communication between local and regional staff and Commissioners. The Commissioners, state agency senior staff and family and youth partners meet quarterly.

State Agency Regional Maps

State agencies break the state into different regions. View regional maps for the agencies below:

Regional interagency Technical Assistance Teams (RiTATs)

Regional Technical Assistance Teams (RTATs) are teams that are comprised of representatives from many different systems and are vital to our cross-systems work. Currently there are five regional technical assistance teams in New York State.