Commissioners’ Committee on Cross-Systems Services for Children and Youth

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are cross-systems children and youth?

Cross-systems children and youth have needs so complex that they require services from across the health, education, and human service sectors. These children and youth may not be in school or employed in the legitimate workforce, and many have had experiences with the juvenile justice and mental health systems and/or foster care system. Too often, these children and youth are unable to have their needs met comprehensively and qualitatively from one system.

What is the purpose of this Committee?

The purpose of this Committee is to better serve children, youth and families by improving access to services and supports; ensuring quality coordinated services and supports from a qualified workforce; and collaborating to eliminate service barriers between systems. The Council on Children and Families plays an important role in this initiative and fully participates in its continued deliberations and activities. The Commissioners developed a message defining the priorities of the Committee.

What agencies comprise the Commissioners' Committee on Cross-Systems Services for Children and Youth?