Commissioners’ Committee on Cross-Systems Services for Children and Youth

Regional interagency Technical Assistance Teams (RiTATs)

Regional Technical Assistance Teams (RiTATs) are teams that are comprised of representatives from many different systems and are vital to our cross-systems work. Currently there are five regional technical assistance teams in New York State.

Shared Purpose:

  • act as liaisons between the Council on Children and Families and county teams;
  • identify regional barriers and address creative solutions;
  • provide cross-systems training and technical assistance on local and regional levels; and
  • promote services that are family-driven, youth guided and culturally and linguistically competent.

Although all five teams share these general objectives, each RiTAT is unique. Please view a more detailed description of each RiTAT below:

Regional Team Leaders participate in monthly calls with Bill Przylucki, and assist in coordinating training and technical assistance events throughout the year.