Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems

ECCS Project: 2003-2013

In 2003, the NYS Department of Health received a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to plan, develop and implement the Early Childhood Comprehensive System Project in New York State. The aim of the Early Childhood Comprehensive System (ECCS) Project is to build an integrated early childhood service system that meets the needs of young children and their families. 

The ECCS Project has five key components including:   

  • Access to Health Care and Medical Homes
  • Social-Emotional Development and Mental Health
  • High Quality Early Childhood Education 
  • Parenting Education
  • Family Support

During the initial planning period, the ECCS Project developed a comprehensive plan: NYS Early Childhood Plan: Ensuring a great start for every child.  The Early Childhood Plan addresses each of the five key components of the ECCS Project through clearly defined strategies involving several state agencies and private partners.  During the transition from planning to implementation, the ECCS Project was transferred from the Department of Health to the Council on Children and Families to capitalize on the Council’s role of coordinating the state’s health and human service agencies. In 2009, the goals, objectives, and strategies outlined in Early Childhood Plan became the strategic plan of the NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) resulting in full integration of the two initiatives. (Visit www.nysecac.org for more information about the Early Childhood Advisory Council).

ECCS Project: 2013-2016

In 2013, the Council on Children and Families was awarded a new three year ECCS Project grant. While work continues to address the five key components of the Early Childhood Plan through the strategic plan of the ECAC, this new ECCS Project funding targets strategies that increase health policies and practices in early childhood education programs that serve infants and toddlers. The ECCS Project will be integrated into the work of the Promoting Healthy Development Work Group of the ECAC to capitalize on the expertise of the work group’s membership and to ensure the work of the ECCS Project continues to align with the overall work of the ECAC. View the Summary of ECCS Project 2013-16 work plan.

Below is a brief outline of the strategies developed by the ECCS Project for the 2013-2016 grant period.

Strategy 1: Develop a system of training, coordination, and technical assistance for child care consultants.

Strategy 2: Increase communication between early childhood education programs and medical homes.

Strategy 3: Increase early childhood education programs’ capacity to support the social and emotional development of infants and toddlers.

Strategy 4: Promote nutrition and physical activity practices in early childhood education programs.

Strategy 5: Improve injury prevention practices in early childhood education programs.

For a more details about each of the strategies listed above see ECCS Project goals and strategies.