Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Impact Initiative (ECCS Impact)


What is a CoIIN?

A CoIIN (Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network) is a group of people and organizations sharing a common agenda, collaborating to achieve a common goal by continuous communication and mutually reinforcing activities.   The Council as well as each of the community based teams in Nassau and Western NY have established statewide and local CoIIN teams made up of state and local leadership.  During these regularly scheduled CoIIN meetings, members have worked together to identify challenges facing their communities for children and families. Teams have reviewed their community data related to developmental screening of young children, families living in poverty and health equity. Meetings have focused upon strategizing ideas that could be implemented by the NYS ECCS Project to bring about community and statewide improvements for families and children related to developmental health and wellness. CoIIN meetings are key in ensuring the project’s commitment to a shared vision, continuous communication and rapid cycle review of progress over time.  In addition, all members of the nationwide ECCS CoIIN have access to an online virtual learning collaborative to ask questions, exchange resources, attend webinars and virtual learning sessions.  To learn more about NYS ECCS CoIIN members and our two place based communities in Western NY and Nassau county, click here.

What are the primary drivers of the ECCS Impact project?

 There are 6 areas driving the improvement in the ECCS Impact Grant. The drivers are:

  1. Coordinated community-wide systems promote developmental health and early identification of developmental needs of all children & families, especially those that are vulnerable.
  2. Systems promote and maintain family dignity and integrity by supporting active involvement in identifying, promoting, improving, and managing child developmental health in ways that are meaningful to them.
  3. Systems address social determinants of health, including related needs and stressors, and support families to minimize risk, and maximize healthy development.
  4. Services throughout the ECCS that promote developmental health are available, high quality and used by families.
  5. Linked and coordinated systems promote continuity, collaboration, and cross-sector sharing in all aspects of monitoring, screening, referral and service delivery while ensuring privacy and legal rights of families.
  6. Systems promote healthy child development and support children and families through advocacy and policy change at the local, state, and federal levels.

What is a PDSA?

Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles, referred to as PDSA Cycles for short, test small scale changes in a real world setting as part of the Quality Improvement Science Model for Improvement. Both the Nassau County and Western NY teams will be conducting PDSA Cycles in their communities throughout this project in an effort to promote system change.