Multiple Systems Navigator Website

The Multiple Systems Navigator website, launched August 1, 2016, provides easy access to helpful health, education, human service and disability information on one user-friendly website. It is built for youth, parents, family members and caregivers that rely on support from multiple child and family serving systems.

View the "Meet the Navigator" Webinar to learn more.

The Multiple Systems Navigator is a product of the Navigating Multiple Systems (NMS) Initiative. NMS is a statewide, collaborative initiative led by the Council on Children and Families. The Multiple Systems Navigator website was developed by the Council on Children and Families with the guidance of the NMS Advisory Council (please see our partners page) and other interested partners. The primary funding source for the Multiple Systems Navigator was the NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC)

The site contains the following main content areas:

  • Navigating Basics - Finding and coordinating services for children with special needs can be like heading out on a journey through a foreign land. These essentials for navigating provides some tips to help you navigate multiple systems.
  • Addressing Challenging Situations - Provides some of the most frequently encountered situations and questions and answers asked by individuals and families requiring assistance from multiple NYS human service systems.
  • Resources - Resources are the core content of the Multiple Systems Navigator website. Resources include websites, publications, videos and hotlines as well as program and service information. All resources are organized by categories.
  • Transition to Adulthood - This section provides information to help individuals plan for the eventual move from children's services to supportive independence or adult services. The Information Pack Series contains comprehensive transition information and tools broken down into different areas of transition.
  • Terms and Acronyms - Provide definition for commonly used terms and acronyms used by service providers.
  • Mapping Tool - Use this mapping tool to find programs, services and family/peer support close to you. Maps also provide driving directions, contact information and hours of operation.
  • Journaling Tools - Journals are important tools that will assist in keeping you organized and provide quick and easy access to appointment information, medication lists and reactions, and important notes and contact information.
  • News, Notes and Events - Stay apprised of current news and events.