Restraint/Crisis Intervention Techniques Committee

Chapter 624 of the Laws of 2006 directed the Council on Children and Families to establish a Committee on Restraint and Crisis Intervention Techniques (RCIT Committee) to:

  1. identify the most effective, least restrictive and safest techniques for the modification of a child's behavior in response to an actual or perceived threat by the child of harm or bodily injury to the child or others;
  2. review models of crisis prevention and intervention, including the use of physical restraints; and
  3. establish uniform and coordinated standards giving preference to the least restrictive alternative for the use of such techniques.

This statute indicated that techniques shall include, but not be limited to the use of physical restraint, therapeutic crisis intervention, crisis management or such other de-escalation techniques designed to help staff assist children to manage crisis situations. As required by Chapter 624, the Committee includes designees of the commissioners of children and family services, mental health, mental retardation and developmental disabilities, education and health. Also included as committee members are representatives of statewide provider organizations; representatives of regional provider organizations that represent providers of educational and residential services to children; mental health professionals that provide direct care on a regular basis to children, and parent- and youth-representatives of children requiring special services.