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About The Council

Our History

The Council on Children and Families (Council) was established in 1977 to serve as a convener, innovator and change agent among the state's health, education, and human services agencies. In 2003, the Council was administratively merged with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, with the independence of the agency being maintained. The Council continues to work with state and local organizations in both the public and private sectors to address cross-systems issues and provide recommendations to the Executive Chamber to improve outcomes for all of New York’s children and families.


Our Mission and Vision


The Mission of the Council is to strengthen New York State’s systems of care through cross-agency collaborations. The unique value of the Council is in its ability to provide a comprehensive, cross-systems perspective critical for the development and implementation of strategies impacting the availability, accessibility, and quality of services for children and families. 

Positioned as a neutral body, the Council provides coordination between New York's health, education, and human services systems and facilitates the development of state and local service systems that are coordinated, strength-based, prevention-oriented, and responsive to the needs of children and families. 

The Vision of the Council is that every child and young person in New York State realizes their optimal potential and is supported by families, caregivers, and other personal and professional support networks.


Our Statutory Authority

Social Services Law Article 10-C establishes the Council and its membership and sets forth the Council's powers and duties. 

Our Council Members

The members of the Council include the commissioners and directors of the following 12 agencies:








Vanessa Threatte

Executive Director


Elana Marton

Deputy Director and Counsel


Our Current Initiatives

Working with Council member agencies and stakeholders, the Council supports and aligns services to build and strengthen a comprehensive system of supports and services for children and families in New York State.

Early Childhood Care and Education

Supporting the needs of young children prenatal to age 8

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Cross-Systems' Collaboration

Helping children, youth and families navigate complex situations and access services.

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Family and Youth Engagement

Listening and working with youth and families.

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Research and Data

Using data to build a more responsive and transparent service system for children and families in New York.

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Advancing Equity

Advancing racial, ethnic, gender, ability and other forms of diversity, equality and inclusion,

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Improving the lives of children and families with access to publications, reports and other resources.

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Our Values and Operating Principles

Content that links past to present and includes Strategic Directions

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice
  • Public service
  • Collaboration, teamwork and partnerships
  • Catalyzing and innovating
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Respect and regard
  • Accountability


Our Strategic Directions

  1. Champion and demonstrate a robust commitment to racial, ethnic, gender, ability and other forms of diversity, equity, inclusion and social and economic justice among member agencies and in all facets of work.
  2. Lead and participate in collaborations to address critical issues facing New York’s children and families.
  3. Advance promising practices in family, school and community engagement.
  4. Use cross-systems, multi-disciplinary expertise to be a technical assistance leader and hub for state agencies, schools, families, youth and others on issues facing New Yorkers.
  5. Employ continuous quality improvement and accountability practices within CCF and with member agencies and partners, as appropriate.