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Early Childhood

Early Childhood

CCF's early childhood projects work in collaboration with the goal of ensuring that all children in NYS have the resources to thrive.

CCF Initiatives

NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council

The ECAC is comprised of early childhood experts who are appointed by the NYS Governor to provide strategic direction and recommendations on early childhood issues.  


Head Start Collaboration Project

This federally funded grant builds partnerships between Head Start programs and a wide range of state and local programs that provide early childhood education and support to children and families who have limited financial resources. 

Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five

This 3-year federal grant is working with state and local partners to build connections with families, strengthen partnerships and coordinate systems to ensure all children and families have quick and easy access to services.

Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Project

This federal project is focused on enhancing the NYS maternal and early childhood system of care by expanding developmental screenings, referral, and health promotion efforts to medical providers and families.