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Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Impact Initiative (ECCS Impact)

Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Impact Initiative (ECCS Impact)

The second installment of ECCS funds from the Health Resources and Services Administration  focuses on build an integrated maternal and early childhood system of care that is equitable, sustainable, comprehensive, and inclusive to the health system that promotes early developmental health and family well-being while increasing family-centered access to care and engagement of the prenatal-to-3-year-old population.


1. Build and strengthen statewide infrastructure and capacity by aligning and coordinating existing maternal and early childhood related support systems and resources

2. Increase awareness and enhance access to early developmental health and community services for families and young children by training medical providers and families on the Centers for Disease Control’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early” and family-centered strategies to access care and resources

3. Promote parent knowledge and leadership by partnering with the NYS PDGB5 Family Engagement Coordinator and the ECAC’s Parent Advisory Council to promote connectedness with families and support them in navigating systems and accessing needed services

4. Address equity, bias, and barriers to accessing quality care to reduce disparities and address social determinants of health impacting access to services

5. Collect and apply community health and well-being data to improve services and systems to best support P-3 development and lifelong child and family health outcomes

6. Identify policy and financing strategies to accelerate the integration of health into early childhood systems in close partnership with families, providers and communities to ensure universal, multigenerational and equitable access to quality services and supports

7. Sustain effective cross-sector community and state collaborations to institutionalize maternal and early developmental health practices

ECCS Activities will include:

  • Developmental Screening, Referral, and Follow-up Implementation
  • Family Partnership
  • Training and Dissemination of Learn the Signs. Act Early. Materials
  • Merging with the NYActs Team
  • Aligning with NYS Early Childhood Initiatives
  • Help Me Grow NY Strategic Planning


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Kristin Weller, MS, LMHC
New York Birth to Five Grant Project Director

Council on Children and Families
52 Washington Street
West Building, Suite 99
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