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NYS Baby Bundle

NYS Baby Bundle Pilot to Start in Fall 2020


The NYSB5 project is providing funds to distribute Baby Bundles to underserved communities. This bundle of materials will be provided to new parents (birth, adoption, foster) in a reusable tote bag, and include books, brochures and helpful resources for families with children age 0 to 5.

Baby Bundle 2020 FAQ

NYS Baby Bundle Orientation

PDF | Baby Bundle Winner's Recorded Webinar


The NYS Baby Bundle Bag includes the following:

Inside the Baby Bundle are many resources to help new parents (birth, adoption, foster) with all they will need to know about to raise a healthy baby in NY.

1 - Starting Life Together: The NYS Parent Guide

2 - What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick book

3 - Can Your Baby Hear You?

4 - Safe Sleep

5 - NYS Parent Portal

6 - Family Guide to NYS Early Childhood Services - Prenatal through Age 5 (free care options in NY)

     English | Spanish

7 - Talking is Teaching (fun ways to talk, read and sing with your baby and child to build their brain and your relationship)

8 - A Children’s Board Book

9 -Local Resources for Your Area of the State