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Preschool Development Birth Through Five (NYSB5)

Preschool Development Birth Through Five (NYSB5)

Now in its 5th year of funding, this federal grant is works with state and local partners to build connections with families, strengthen partnerships and coordinate systems to ensure all children and families have quick and easy access to services.

Since 2018, CCF has been awarded over $50 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Child Care to coordinate the NYS early childhood mixed delivery system to ensure that all young children and healthy, learning and thriving in families that are supported by a full complement of services and resources essential for successful development. 

Currently in the fifth year of this project, CCF in collaboration with over 80 statewide partners have led over 50 initiatives to strengthen and building new partnerships, coordinate systems and improve transitions, expand parent choice and knowledge and promote equity with a focus on vulnerable populations.

Kindergarten Transition


1  - Agenda (Please use this agenda for all the embedded handouts)

2  - NYS Early Learning Alignment Crosswalk

3  - NYS Pyramid Model

4  - Local Kindergarten Transition Team Planner

5  - Moving to Kindergarten Order Form

6  - Kindergarten Transition Reflection and Planning Form

7a - NYSED Planning Tool for Transitions for School Districts

7b - NYSED Planning tool for Transitions for Community Based Organizations

8 -  Office of Special Education (OSEE) Partnership Overview

9a - Map of Early Childhood FACE Centers

9b - Map of School Age FACES Centers

10 - Child Care Resource and Referral Directory


Spanish Translation of Early Childhood Resources

In partnership with The Office of Early Learning at NYSED, various early childhood resources were translated into Spanish. These resources included:


What Kids Say About Kindergarten

Video made possible by NYS B5 Grant at Columbia County Early Literacy and Learning Network for the Kindergarten Transition Summit 2019.


Videos and Materials from statewide KT Summit
October 28, 2020


Hosted by: Finger Lakes Community Schools



S1 - Introduction to Kindergarten Transition Supports (Coming soon)

S2 - The Impact of Positive Transitions

S3 - Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

S4 - The Transition Toolkit from the NY State Education Department

S5 - Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Centers

S6 - QUALITYstartsNY - New York's Quality Rating and Improvement System

S7 - Connecting with your Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (CCR&R)

S8 - The Importance of Community Partners

S9 - Innovative Kindergarten Transition Practices (Coming soon)





Family Guide to NYS Early Childhood Services Parental through Age 5



Our Partners




Kristin Weller, MS, LMHC
New York Birth to Five Grant Project Director

Council on Children and Families
52 Washington Street
West Building, Suite 99
Rensselaer, New York 12144



Preschool Development Birth Through Five (NYSB5) Resources

Data Fact Sheets and Infographics
Data Fact Sheets and Infographics
Fact sheets, Profiles, Figures and Infographics
Data sheets, fact sheets, data summaries, infographics
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NYSB5 Welcome Baby Bundle
NYSB5 Welcome Baby Bundle
Resources for new parents
The Welcome Baby Bundles have been distributed to new parents (birth, adoption, foster) in 13 communities across NYS. Provided in a reusable tote bag, materials include books, brochures and helpful resources for families with children age 0 to 5.